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Diagnose potential failure with the MO-100, portable battery powered Milliohm Meter. Quickly check windings opens or shorts in motors, generators and transformers, wire-to-wire connection resistances, heating elements testing and contact resistance in critical electrical connections.

Accurate four terminal measurement down to 100µ ohms does not require test leads resistance compensation
Ranges from 200.0m ohms to 2000 ohms with minimum resolution of 100µ Ohm
Measurement precision with three test currents with over-temperature protection
Protection against inadvertent connection to overvoltage
Large LCD
Potential lead resistance, current lead resistance checks
AUTO-HOLD and AUTO-OFF features
Lightweight, robust & compact.
Indicates measurement errors due to temperature or connection problems
“ O-Ring” sealed enclosure
Battery powered
Size: 250( L) x 190( W) x 110( D) mm ( 9.8 x 7.5 x 4.3 in)
Weight: 1500 g ( 3.3 lb)
IEC / EN 61010-1

Measuring Ranges: 0-200.0m ohms in steps of 100µ ohm; 0-2000m ohms in steps of 1m ohm; 0-20.00 ohms in steps of 10m ohm; 0-200.0 ohms in steps of 100m ohm; 0-2000 ohms in steps of 1 ohm
Accuracy: ± 0.5% of reading ± 2 digits over the operating temperature range, -15° C to 55° C ( 5° F to 131° F) , with the supplied test leads
Test Current: 1mA = > 2000 ohms range; 10mA = > 200/ 20 ohms ranges; 100mA = > 2000m / 200m ohm ranges
Accuracy: ± 0.1%
Protection Fuses: Mains = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN; Current = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN; Voltage = 0.5A, HBC, 5 x 20mm, DIN; Maximum Output; Voltage ( C1-C2) 20V